About Us

The Cheshire Historical Society collects and preserves those documents, letters, journals, artifacts, memorabilia, and ephemera which constitute part of the record of all aspects of the history of the Town of Cheshire.  The Society will provide for the exhibition of this collection. 

The Society further provides for lectures, tours, and publications for the edification of the public at large.  The Society welcomes gifts of money or property, and will invest or care for such gifts to ensure the mission of this Society in perpetuity.  Fund-raising events appropriate to the mission and demeanor of the Society are also held. 

To all these ends, the Society will operate and maintain an historic house to be the venue of a museum which will be open to the public.

We invite you to tour the House, which retains the fine wood paneling, double-entry doors with bulls-eye lights, and a large fireplace with beehive oven.  Built in 1785 by Rufus Hitchcock, a merchant and town clerk, it has been the home of the Cheshire Historical Society since 1972.