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Contact: by phone (203) 272-2574 by e-mail cheshirehistory@che.necoxmail.com and by Facebook
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 281, Cheshire, Conn. 06410 USA

Our House Museum is located at 43 Church Drive in Cheshire - by the Church Green Open Sundays 2 to 4 p.m.

get ready to see a new look to our website - coming soon!

Cheshire Historical Society
October 18 SUNDAY:

Spirits Alive! Spirits Alive!

The first night of our Cemetery Tour was exciting and lots of fun. Last night was just as exciting but cold (but that was okay)! Over 400 guests did our tour on Friday and Saturday and they loved it! Everyone said they can't wait to come back and some actually came BOTH nights! They thoroughly enjoyed their experience!

We have some tickets available. And we're going to be at Hillside Cemetery from about 4 PM today. Tours start at 5:15 and run every 15 minutes. The last tour tonight is 8 PM. Arrive 10 minutes ahead of your planned tour. DRESS WARMLY!

The most popular times are from 7 to 8 and these are sold out. But we have had cancellations, particularly for the earlier time periods. If you'd like to attend the tour, please stop by after 5:00 and see what our stand by availability is.

Cemetery is located at 44 Wallingford Road (Wallingford Road & Walnut Street), in Cheshire Conn. If you can find Cheshire Town Hall (84 South Main Street), we are 1/8 mile behind the Town Hall building. Parking is available.

Thank you!



SPIRIT'S ALIVE CEMETERY TOUR at Hillside Cemetery - Walnut Street & Wallingford Road, Cheshire Conn Behind the GRANGE Building in the center of town (44 Wallingford Road, Cheshire Conn.)
All NEW Spirits!
All NEW Stories!
Tickets are $10. Checks payable to CHESHIRE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Tours leave on the quarter hour and last about one hour. Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Wear sensible footwear as you will be walking on uneven ground.

What else is going on at the Society:

Author Stephen Darley is talking about Revolutionary War on Monday night, Oct. 26th at 7:30. His talk is titled "CALL TO ARMS"

Ralph Zingarella is doing a talk called "WAY DOWN YONDER IN VIETNAM" on Sunday afternoon, 1-5 pm, on November 8th. This is a tribute to our Veterans. This is a multi-media presentation with music and strong graphics

The Daughters of the American Revolution are doing a talk on Monday night, November 23rd about the good works they do in Cheshire and in our Community.


New at the Cheshire Historical Society:

Visiting Hours are Sundays between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Family groups are welcome!

Visiting from out of town or out of state? Please come see us and share what life was like hundreds of years ago in our house museum!

We have limited handicap access. Our Meeting Room Entry does not have stairs and the first floor (six display rooms) are fairly easy to navigate. For our second and third floor, we have a detailed photobook to show visitors these items.

We are located at 43 Church Drive - Cheshire, Conn.
"On the Church Green"
Also open by appointment for genealogy research and other topical research.

Docent-Led Tours Available On Sundays from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Including "Room 10" Tour and our Lucille Williams Garden!

AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING was held on April 26, 2015l. Photographer, Inge Venus, created this photo montage!
Thank you to all the authors that attended! And many thanks to Inge!

Our Spring 2015 Newsletter is Available!

YES, we have an app! You can walk through our Cheshire Town Center. You can meet a man who drops into Cheshire in a hot air balloon! Meet his talking history box "sidekick" Emmy (Spoiler Alert!! This voice is our Cheshire Historical Society President - we knew she was one of those "know it alls"!). All of this on our FREE app available through GooglePlay or The Apple Store. AND we just received an Award of Merit from the Connecticut League of History Organizations for our app and "its ability to transform the typical walking tour into an experience that is in keeping with our ever changing tech friendly society."

We are in the StEPs Program!

CThumanities StEPs-CT

JULY 2015 Update:

We are now working on AUDIENCE segment in the StEPs-CT program. We are going to try to make our Society the most interesting place in Cheshire! We know we already are but we want you to know that, too!

Members are encouraged to contact the Society to be part of the StEPs activities. We will be enrolled in StEPs for about two years. There is plenty of time for you to join our StEPs Committee.

The Cheshire Historical Society

Our Mission Statement

Keeping Cheshire's history alive through our museum's collections, exhibitions and programs.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this society is to collect and preserve whatever may serve to explain or illustrate the archaeology, the art and literature, the history civil, ecclesiastical or natural - of the Town of Cheshire. To provide in a suitable manner for their care, preservation and exhibition, to hold such meetings and provide and conduct such lectures as may aid in the education and improvement of the community; to print or furnish such publications as may be thought desirable; also, to do such other things as may be proper. To receive, invest and care for any gifts of money or other property which may be made to the Society. To accomplish the above purposes, the Society will operate and maintain a historic house and museum which will be open to the public.

Our Vision

The Cheshire Historical Society will be totally integrated in the life and interest of the community as the visually and technologically accessible source of regional historical information and knowledge.

From the CT Humanities Website: Connecticut Humanities helps local museums and historical societies build professionalism and ensure their programs and collections remain vibrant community resources through StEPs-CT–a two-year program created with the Connecticut League of History Organizations, and run in partnership with the Connecticut Historical Society, that guides them towards excellence in six areas of organizational practice. StEPs-CT is based on the “Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations” (StEPs), a national model curriculum developed by the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). We’ve added a series of hands-on workshops, expert mentors who are on call to help with the rough spots and a competitive granting fund to support projects related to the program. The StEPs-CT program is the first in the nation to implement the StEPs curriculum on a statewide level.

If you would like to be part of this important effort, please contact Diane Calabro, CHS President, for more information.


The Cheshire Historical Society sends
our sincere condolences to:

The family of Joseph Edgar Beadle Johnson (1918-2015). Edgar was an important part of our Society, for the past decade he was our Curator Emeritus. Edgar was a private person, knowledgeable and an expert on most things. He was dedicated to the Society, and living nearly next door, he was always our "first responder" if something happened at the Museum.
(Photo from December 2004)

The family of Warren Van Almkerk (1925-2014).
Warren was our Assistant Curator for many, many years and an intregal part of our Society. He has passed away peacefully on Sunday, December 28th, following a brief illness.

Warren was a very sweet man, and gave so much to the Society. We will miss him very much.



For Teachers, Scout Leaders: School Tour Booklet: a planning resource


We are also open by appointment - call (203) 272-2574

We are open on Sunday Afternoons April through December (except major holiday weekends)

We are always happy to set up research, group or tour visits.


We are very proud to have THREE Eagle Scout projects going on at our Society at this time!

  • Quentin Arai - Creating new office space
  • Harrison Dent - Creating healing garden and updating exterior landscape
  • Thomas Mulholland - Creating new museum exhibit


The "1700 Club" is a Cheshire moniker for the property owners of Cheshire homes and buildings built between 1700-1799. On May 18th, we held a Preservation Recognition Reception at the Cheshire Historical Society. It was a great evning due to the many stories that homeowners shared, and (in a small way) to a recipe loaned to us by Uncle Tom Howley of Fairfield CT



In 1972, the Cheshire Historical Society moved to the Phillips House and that started a grand adventure!

This is a fascinating story captured in a scrapbook, recently given to one of the members of the Cheshire Historical Society by the daughter of the Society President. Here are some photos from 1972 (left) and from 2014 (right) so you can see what hardworking Society Members did to restore this old house. It is a great story told in newspaper clippings, headline by headline. Please take a look!

The Dining Room Today

The Parlor as we found it in 1972

The Parlor as it looks today





Below, an actual protective hat used by miners in Cheshire which is on display in our Industry Room

More about mining in Cheshire

"Cheshirepedia is on its way to being another unique part of the Cheshire landscape." President John Fournier is looking forward to having funding available to finalize design on the Cheshirepedia website as well as moving forward with 501c3 non-profit status. "Having this status is key," Fournier explained, as this allows for tax-deductible donations. Cheshire's Town Historian, Jeanné Chesanow, was the inspiration behind the Cheshirepedia concept. "So many people have asked me if there was a website where they could find 'all things Cheshire' and one day I simply said why not create Cheshirepedia for this purpose," explains Chesanow. She envisions the website as being a go-to place for students and educators with well-referenced submissions being available on any number of topics from apples to zoning.



except holiday weekends

We are closed on major holidays. Phone ahead to check. You can phone: (203) 272-2574 to set up an appointment for research or a private tour. We're looking forward to more school tours in 2014 and teachers can read additional guidance information. Visits from Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other youth groups are always welcome. To schedule a tour please call (203) 272-2574. There is no charge for tours.

WE HAVE AN APP! Google Play or Apple IOS (under travel) - for the Cheshire Town Center. It's FREE. A wonderful narration about the past and present on and around the Cheshire Church Green



If you've considered joining the Cheshire Historical Society, please take a moment to complete our form and mail this back to us.

Info Membership Form

Stop at BANH THAI and then walk off that meal with our Heritage Walking Tour. Download our walking tour.

Beginning in April, the Hitchcock-Phillips House will be open to the public on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm. The Hitchcock-Phillips House is the home of The Cheshire Historical Society, filled with treasures and is located at 43 Church Drive, on the Church Green, in Cheshire, Connecticut USA.

Photos from our First Annual History Trolley Tour of Cheshire Street held on September 29, 2013



Many thanks to the Northeast Paranormal Investigations Society for their site visit during the summer of 2013 and their impressive talk in th end of October 2013. Well done! We thank the Mulholland Family for their participation, in particular, young Thomas Mulholland who found himself to be, as he described it, "Ghost bait."



Christmas Parties!

We are so lucky to have the amazing photography work of Ms. Inge Venus:

2014 Christmas Photo Montage

2013 Christmas Photos:
Part I, Part II, Part III
, Part IV

We plan to expand our Web site to include links to any organization in Cheshire that has a "history" section on their Web site. We assisted St. Peter's Church in scanning Helen Bray's Informal History. Also posted is "St. Peter's Continuing History 1985-2010" by Evie Michaud. We thought it would be useful to at least try to link to other Cheshire groups that have taken the time to record their history. For anyone interested in this, a new venture has started in Cheshire: Cheshirepedia. Their goal is to display photos and short essays about Cheshire past, present, and future. If you might like to learn more about this group, e-mail Cheshirepedia We understand that their website should be up and running in just a few weeks.

For TEACHERS, we prepared a short booklet to help in planning for school tours, scouts tours, and other tours for children and young students.


Diane Calabro (right),
ent, Cheshire Historical Society


About Our Board of Directors & Contact Info | Directions to Our Society | Info Membership Form | Our Book and Gift Shop | Books at CHS (2012) | Our Brochure | Our Newsletters

Books Available for Research at the CHS

School Tour Booklet: a planning resource,

Lucille D. Williams Memorial Garden | Cheshire Memorial Day Parade 2012 | Christmas Party Photos 2012

The Historic Hitchcock-Phillips House located on the Church Green in the center of Cheshire, CT

Are you interested in seeing the names on the monument in the photo above?

In January, February, and March we are open by appointment. Call curator (203) 272-2574 to schedule an appointment for research or to visit the house.

We are located at 43 Church Drive,
Cheshire, CT 06410
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The Cheshire Green, Cheshire Connecticut 1835

Research Topics and Information

1986 Historic Resource Inventory - 82 properties surveyed

1882 O.H. Baily Map of Cheshire CT

#205 Headstone Inscriptions Cheshire CT 1934

Alice Washburn Houses in Cheshire

Barite Mines of Cheshire (includes PDF)

Cheshire Goes to War Exhibit (2009)

Cheshire Farms (1935) - Program of the Cheshire Tercentenary Celebration of the 300 Anniversary of the Settlement of Connecticut 1635-1935

Cheshire Farms 2008 - Special Cheshire Herald Feature

Cheshire Town History

Civil War CDV

Civil War Ninth Regiment Conn Volunteers / CT's Irish Regiment )

Dolls at the CHS

George Warner (Armless Vet) Info

Heritage Walk for Cheshire Town Center

High School Student Membership Application

Keeler Family Information

Medal of Honor - Sgt. Eri D. Woodbury 1864

Newsletters - Table of Contents

Updated Newsletter Index

Information on Some of Our Previous Presentations

Research Books Available at CHS

Thanksgiving Broadside 1834

Titus Moss Letters (PDF)

Titus Moss Information

Waverly Tavern History

Cheshire Then and Historic Homes of Cheshire (WIP)


View our DVD that welcomes visitors to the Cheshire Historical Society and offers some insight on the history of the Hitchcock-Philips house. The eight-minute video, "Introduction to the Hitchcock-Philips House," is narrated by Cheshire's Josiah Rowe whom you may remember from the Titus Moss Walk Back In Time event where he portrayed Joseph Perkins Beach. (Our DVD was revised in 2010)This is available on You Tube!


Known as "The Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut" (and some here in town claim this to be of the "entire world"!), Cheshire Connecticut has a long history of farming. Here are two articles, one from 1935 and the second from 2008, discussing farming in Cheshire

1935 - "CHESHIRE FARMING" from Program of the Cheshire Tercentenary Celebration of the 300 Anniversary of the Settlement of Connecticut 1635-1935 (includes winter farm photos)

2008 - "CHESHIRE’S CORNUCOPIA: Farms Nurture Cheshire’s Deep Roots in Agriculture" Series of articles, “Cheshire’s Cornucopia” appeared in The Cheshire Herald - Summer 2008 (30 page PDF file).

Earl and Ruth Kurtz are pictured standing in front of their home at 1604 Peck Lane back in 1941. Click on photo for more information about Cheshire Farms

Books available at the Cheshire Historical Society (updated 2012)


Don't forget! Gift Giving is EASY when you stop at our Cheshire Historical Society GIFT SHOP! Town Historian, Ron Gagliardi's book: Images of America: CHESHIRE is a GREAT gift. LANDMARKS of Old CHESHIRE is also a lovely gift for anyone with an interest in Cheshire's history! We can mail books to you for a nominal shipping charge.



Do you have an interest in period costumes, clocks and watches, dolls, dishes, furniture, jewelry, minatures, Native Americans, toys, slavery, or other topic? Do you have experience in searching town land records or doing genealogical or other research? Do you collect old stamps, coins, bottles, guns, tools? Can you make a poster or set up a display? Whatever your interest or talent, we'd like to add your name to our "Subject Specialist" List. If you can help, please call!

Are you trying to locate information about someone buried in Cheshire prior to 1934?


PDF documents of the Headstone Inscriptions, Town of Cheshire of 1934. This list includes all the headstone inscriptions in Cheshire cemeteries. The list was sponsored by the Connecticut State Library and copied under the auspices of FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration) and WPA (Works Progress Administration), two Depression-era, federal agencies that provided "work relief." It is reproduced here with the permission of the Connecticut State Library.


Historic Resource Inventory Building and Structures - 82 properties in Cheshire Connecticut surveyed in 1986 PDF of original survey forms available.

Also Available with PHOTOGRAPHS - 1986 Black and White photos AND 2008 photos of the same properties and access to the PDF documents of 1986. (Note -- this will take some time to load as there are over 160 photographs).

Buildings located on Main Street, Church Street, South Main Street and West Main Street. Photos and descriptions from nearly 25 years ago of these historically noteworthy properties.



Are you interested in the George Keeler Family that lived at 168 South Main Street?


There were six Alice Washburn Houses built in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Take the HERITAGE WALK OF CHESHIRE TOWN CENTER (personal walking tour)

Become a member! It is so easy to be a Member of the Cheshire Historical Society! Both old and new town residents interested in preserving Cheshire history are encouraged to become Historical Society members. Membership information is available at the Society or from Membership Chairman Wesli Dymoke, P.O. Box 281, Cheshire CT 06410
(203) 272-2574

Get ready for a little spring cleaning? These cleaning tools are on display at the Cheshire Historical Society.

AIRPLANE FRAGMENT A piece of the airliner that crashed in Cheshire in 1946 - on display at the Cheshire Historical Society. (see Spring 2006 Newsletter for more details)



Located behind the Hitchcock-Phillips House, the Lucille D. Williams Memorial Garden has been lovingly tended to throughout the seasons since 2004.

PHOTO OF THE LUCILLE D. WILLIAMS MEMORIAL GARDEN: Cheshire Garden Club members Inge Venus, Vicky Brady and Carol Goertz pose after their monthly maintenance chores in the garden in mid-October 2009.

The Lucille D. Williams Memorial Garden photographed just as Fall overtakes it.

The 19th Century Barite Mining and Milling Industries of Cheshire and New Haven, Connecticut"

36-Page Pamphlet written by Crawford E. Fritts - State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut, Natural Resources Center, Department of Environmental Protection is available at the Cheshire Historical Society

Copies are available from the Cheshire Historical Society. The cost is $10 for this informative pamphlet.



In 2006 - We took A Walk Back In Time to Cheshire Connecticut in 1862. President Lincoln Calls For 300,000 Troops and Who From Cheshire Will Go? A WALK BACK IN TIME - TITUS MOSS: CHESHIRE FARMER AND CIVIL WAR SOLDIER -- A PRESERVATION MONTH ACTIVITY

2006 Civil War Re-enactment:
A Walk Back in Time to 1862

In 1969, Miss Helen Moss of New Haven gave the Cheshire Historical Society the original copies of 30 letters written by her grandfather, Corporal Titus Moss, to her grandmother, Jennette, in 1862-63. Also included were two letters written by Captain Timothy Guilford describing Moss's death at the Battle of Chancellorsville, May3, 1863, and a copy of letter of condolence to Jennette on the death of their daughter, Emma, in 1864.

2005 READING at the Cheshire Historical Society with Thom Peters and Sylvia VanSinderen Abbate as Titus and Jennette Moss

LETTERS written by Titus Moss from the battlefield and with a follow up by the Moss Widow learning of the death of her husband and her young daugther (transcribed into PDF format)

PROGRAM, which includes historical background, used for the Titus Moss Walk Back in Time event PDF format

SCRIPT used for the Titus Moss Walk Back In Time PDF format

PHOTOS from the May 7, 2006 Civil War Re-Enactment: Titus Moss, Cheshire Farmer, A Walk Back In Time to 1862 PDF format

VOLUNTEER photos and behind the scenes

Partially Funded by a grant from CT Trust for Historic Preservation in cooperation with the CT Humanities Council

Organized by the Cheshire Historical Society and the Cheshire Historic District Commission, 2006




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Do you have any older versions of the Newsletter (1999 and earlier)? Can you please let us know? We would wish to borrow them to scan and to post on our website.

Also available for our newsletters is an INDEX with hyperlinks back to the appropriate Cheshire Historical Society News document


Call curator (203) 272-2574 to schedule an appointment for research or to visit the house.

Curator Mary Ellen Kania welcomes visitors to the Cheshire Historical Society


from Krampitz Farm, Peck Lane, Cheshire CT

Judge Ray Voelker donated these 11 white quartz Indian arrowheads and one black, flint arrowhead from the Krampitz farm, 1559 Peck Lane. Mineralogist Roy Smith examined these artifacts to verify the materials. (Spring 2006)

IN CHESHIRE 1848-1987

NOTE: Mr. Belletzkie was our Fall 2011 Speaker and is now a very appreciated volunteer at the CHS.
By the 1890s, Cheshire was served by two railroad lines stopping at a half-dozen stations. Running north and south, the New Haven & Northampton (the Canal line) debuted in 1848 and had stops at Brooksvale (South Brooksvale Rd.) and Cheshire (West Main Street). Running east and west, the Meriden, Waterbury & Connecticut River RR opened in 1888 and had stations at Hough's Mill/Cheshire Street, Southington Road (Creamery Road and Route 10), West Cheshire (The Notch), and Summit (Summit Rd). A later stop was added at Cheshire Junction where the two rail lines met south of Jarvis St. Historian and webmaster Robert Belletzkie of Prospect, Connecticut has undertaken the interesting project of documenting all of the early Connecticut railroad stations. His TylerCityStation website is fun to visit. The railroad stations are on Track 12!

Medal of Honor Display
Sgt. Eri D. Woodbury - 1864

During the regiment's charge when the enemy was in retreat Sgt. Woodbury encountered 4 Confederate infantrymen retreating. He drew his saber and ordered them to surrender, overcoming by his determined actions their willingness to further resist. They surrendered to him together with their rifles and 12th North Carolina (C.S.A.) regimental flag.


Crazy Quilt on display at the Cheshire Historical Society

Oyster Kegs on display



Heritage Walking Tour Map of the Cheshire Town Green

Cheshire Town History: PDF FILE of "CHESHIRE, CONN An Old New England Town"

Chronology of Cheshire Events from "Our Town"

Titus Moss Letters Letters home from a Cheshire Civil War Corporal

1882 O.H. Baily Map

Physician Looks at 1880s Prescription Drug Register from Foot & Co. Druggists, Cheshire, Conn. - See Page 3

A Kindergarten Photo from 1946 sent to us by Mr.Thomas Pitre of Sequim, WA


Building of the 2011 Gingerbread Centerpiece - inspired by the historic St. Peter's Episcopal Church

And Holiday Party photos from previous years: 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004   


To schedule a visit to the Museum, call
(203) 272-2574

Membership Our Gift Shop More About Us | Cheshire Then: A photojournal of Cheshire homes and properties

Cheshire Town History: PDF of CHESHIRE, CONN An Old New England Town

Looking out the Front Doorway


Organized in 1951, the Cheshire Historical Society is a group of old and new residents who have a desire to discover and preserve the heritage of Cheshire, Connecticut. They educate and assist others in their inquiries into our past and promote a love for our town and its inhabitants.

Our first home was in the 1st. District School (1951-1956), then the old Cheshire Public Library (Williams House) on Main Street (1956-1972). We are presently located at the Hitchcock - Phillips House on the Cheshire Green, as shown above.

Call Us On The Phone:

Our telephone number is:
USA +001     (203) 272-2574

Write Us A Letter:
The Cheshire Historical Society
P.O. Box 281
Cheshire, CT 06410

Send Us An E-Mail:

Diane Calabro - CHS President Send e-mail

Interested in being a Member?

Our Cheshire Town Historian, Jeanné Chesanow - Send e-mail

Cheshirepedia - Send e-mail
What is Cheshirepedia? "All Things Cheshire!" Write and find out!

Visit Our Museum:

The Hitchcock-Phillips House
43 Church Drive
Cheshire, CT 06410

2-4 PM Sunday Afternoons, April - December
We are located on Route 10 at the Church Green in the center of the Town of Cheshire. We are open on Sundays, 2-4 pm from April through December, and by appointment (so please call us to set up a time to visit). School and corporate groups are always welcome.

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"[1723] It was called 'New Cheshire Parish' a name no doubt proposed by Thomas Brooks, because he fathered most proposals and was himself from Cheshire, England."

Pg. 15 Program of the Cheshire Tercentenary Celebration of the Three Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of Connecticut, 1635-1935.

Commodore Robert Hitchcock
1804 to 1888

Born in Cheshire, son of Amasa Hitchcock, Jr. Their home was across South Main Street where the Medical Center (formerly a bank) is now.