Any person who applies for membership, upon submission of application to the Recording Secretary, shall be enrolled as an individual voting member.  In order to remain a member in good-standing, each individual must contribute to the Society each calendar year through either 1) a financial contribution, or 2) volunteer hours, or 3) participation in one or more Society meetings.

Membership Meetings

The annual meeting of the Society Shall be held in the month of April at the call of the president, at which meeting the officers and standing committees shall present their annual reports. The election of officers and directors shall be held as prescribed by the constitution, a majority vote electing. Ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at the meetings, but a lesser number will adjourn the meetings.

Honorary Memberships

Honorary and gift memberships may be awarded by the Board.  They shall consist of persons who may be distinguished for important public service to the cause of historical research or education, or a benefactor of the Society.  Such members shall be entitled to full voting rights at membership meetings for a period of one (1) year.


We have a number of new volunteer opportunities open at the Society. We hope you might consider offering some time to help us. As you know, we are an entirely volunteer organization. No one receives salary or reimbursement for their time. We get a lot done with a tiny team, but we have to raise our hand now ask for your help.

Here’s what we need on a regular basis:

  • On Sunday afternoons, we need people to help greet visitors at the door. This is a very social and friendly volunteer who might explain what’s in the building.

Please consider helping out!  We’d love to see you.

  • E-mail if you can help at any of these events;

  • Phone the Society at 203-272-2574; or

  • Just come by: Sunday afternoons 2-4 p.m.